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The Ugly Christmas Blanket - A Modern Fairy Tale

Every year, at a top-secret facility in the North Pole, Santa assembles a crack team of his closest confidants and experts – Mrs. Claus, his top elves, his most trusted reindeer . They spend a week crunching the numbers, reviewing fashion trends and arguing over the best gifts for the Christmas ahead.

The buyers at Amazon, Walmart, Target and Toy ‘R Us would kill to have this information before placing their orders…but only Santa and his team are privy to this highly classified information.

When the team gathered this year, someone brought up the Ugly Christmas Sweater phenomenon. Of course they knew that Ugly Christmas Sweaters were the darling of the last few Christmas Pasts…and they all expected more of the same this year, but Santa shocked them all, starting off the festivities with the following announcement.

In his booming voice Santa said, “It seems that every house I visit, everyone already has at least one Ugly Christmas Sweater. Some people even own several of them,” he told the hushed group.  “But this year,” he said. “This year I’m looking for something bigger and better,” he challenged them. “Any ideas?”

With that, the smallest person in the room cleared his little throat to speak. All eyes shot to the left of Santa as his favorite elf, Elvis, hopped up on the table.

“Santa, Rudolph, Dancer, Prancer and I came up with something that’s bigger, better, uglier, more comfy…and cheaper,” Elvis offered and pulled an ugly elf blanket around him. And Rudolph, Dancer and Prancer all pulled different ugly blankets around themselves.

“Behold…the Ugly Christmas Blanket,” Rudolph said as Dancer and Prancer high fived and danced and pranced around the room.

Santa let out a big belly laugh as everyone else high-fived and hugged around the table. “2015,” said Santa, “will be the year that the Ugly Christmas Blanket stole Christmas.”